About WoodStreet

With a focus on Investment Management, WoodStreet was established in 2007 with the express aim of delivering clients in the financial services sector a very different type of recruitment service.

Competing for high quality recruits remains a pressing issue for many financial services businesses. The traditional route has been to employ executive search consultants for senior level appointments and broader, big name ‘contingency’ firms for other levels. WoodStreet breaks that mould.

Created in response to employers’ frustrations at not being able to access talent for sub-search, technical and very much in-demand positions, WoodStreet combines traditional proactive headhunting disciplines with product specialisation and genuine market understanding, delivered in a cost-effective way.

Focused on sub-search, technical and very much in-demand positions in financial services, Woodstreet offers the bespoke service that guarantees the perfect client/candidate fit. Our specialist industry focus enables us to understand your market and meet your needs. We have the right skills in the right places.